This month, our CEO, Dawn Haynes, sat down with the Executive Director of Vision Orlando, Manny Rosario, to discuss the role of the church in transforming our Central Florida community.

Check out a few of Manny’s responses below, or watch the full interview here.


1. What do you think the church in Orlando can do to help our community be the best it can be?

“If we could bring heaven down to earth, what would that look like? Every community in Orlando having exactly what they need — thriving families, thriving communities, children getting the right education… no racism, no injustice, and everyone would be treated equally.”


2. Why is the unity of the church so important when it comes to being who we are called to be?

“If we [as churches] can all align shoulder to shoulder and show the world that we can all agree on one thing — that we’re going to love God, but we’re going to love you as well — then we don’t need to compete against each other, we can complement each other.”



3. What are some things churches can do to get more involved in loving and caring for our community?

In this clip, Manny shares about two upcoming events in Central Florida that will equip church leaders to get more involved in loving and caring for our community. Learn more about these two gatherings on our events page.


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