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Neighborliness Center

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Neighborliness Center is a catalyst for research, policy, and design around loving God and loving neighbors. Its founder, David Docusen, travels across the country consulting with church leaders and supporting them with the tools and learning to mobilize their congregation to be good neighbors. In partnership with CRN, a new curriculum, The Neighborliness Seminar, will be piloted for congregants to explore the Biblical foundation of loving your neighbor, why we need neighborliness today and the inward barriers that keep us from living out this command.

Polis Institute

Based in Orlando, Florida, Polis Institute is dedicated to amplifying equity and justice in urban communities. Through its work across Metro Orlando, and the rest of the country, Polis champions solutions that generate meaningful opportunities for equitable revitalization through data with dignity, community empowerment, and collaborative engagement. In partnership with CRN, Polis will be re-launching a national facilitator network for Dignity Serves, which equips congregants in churches to build dignified interdependent relationships.

Neighboring Movement

Based in the South Central (or “SoCe”) neighborhood of Wichita, Kansas, the Neighboring Movement nurtures authentic, thriving community. Through its work in its own neighborhood, churches across the country, and a growing network of Neighboring practitioners, it is building a movement of relationships rooted in abundance and joy. In partnership with CRN, the nine-month Good Neighbor Experiment, which guides churches to engage their community as neighbors, will be expanded to Central Florida.


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