Our journey

At CRN, our heartbeat is to help strengthen local churches' impact in their communities.

Our early years

CRN was founded to support and equip the faith community to provide the critical relationships that assist families to exit poverty.

We believed and continue to believe that empowering, enduring, supportive relationships can address the missing piece in Central Florida’s response to families stuck in cycles of poverty. Recognizing that the faith community is uniquely positioned for these relationships, we worked to build a coalition of congregational partners.

In its early years, CRN worked to empower congregations, in concert with nonprofit partners, to support families who were temporarily living with another family or living in a hotel. We believed that through CRN connecting the faith community together, not only could resources available in local churches be better used, but also people from local congregations could walk alongside struggling families.

Our growth

Learning that relationships built around fixing another person's problems are not healthy or empowering.

We have learned that the support needed for a family in a crisis is very different from the support needed for a family after a crisis has passed. Crisis and post crisis support efforts are not interchangeable for healthy outcomes. After a crisis, families need relationship-driven connection and support that will empower their journey to thriving and their move out of poverty.

Throughout 2020, the CRN team researched, connected with and learned from successful practitioners and seasoned experts in effective poverty alleviation across the country.


The future

Our next season is centered on supporting this effort towards good 'Neighboring'.

People are capable of amazing things when they are known, needed, and valued. The problem is that for too long we have viewed those who are in or on the edge of poverty by the extent of their needs rather than through the lens of their gifts and strengths. ‘Neighboring’ is an invitation to truly explore and reimagine the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” and its irrevocable connection to “love your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength”.

Our new season of work is a continuation of our vision to activate, equip and connect the church to create the relationships that transform communities. We are inviting faith leaders and congregations to embark on a journey that explores redefining Neighboring relationships and provides the practical skills and knowledge to create communities where everyone is actively engaged as a neighbor. This journey will help to expand church ministries and create a beneficial, holistic approach to providing support that really moves the needle!

We truly believe neighborhoods thrive when relationships flourish!

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