How we do our work


Our heartbeat is to help strengthen local churches’ impact in their communities

We believe the church can be a catalyst for community transformation. When we listen, learn and engage as neighbors—we create flourishing neighborhoods and help families thrive.

We see injustice, oppression and poverty in any community as signs that we still have work to do.



What is Neighboring?

Neighboring is an invitation to consider a different approach to community engagement. One where we create relationships with those who live near us, where everyone is actively contributing and sharing their strengths. An approach that creates a community where everyone is known, needed and valued.



Who is my neighbor?

We see our neighbor as anyone with whom we come in contact – neighbors who live next-door, in our neighborhood, who we go to work and school with, who work in stores and restaurants we visit and neighbors throughout our communities.


Our model

Aligning the head, heart and hands for Neighboring.

We support churches and faith-based organizations with practical resources for community engagement and neighborhood transformation. Our team works with leaders, providing best-practice learning and associated tools to equip the entire congregation for community engagement.

Through a Neighboring Learning Journey, we provide facilitated learning experiences and practical resources that equip the church for holistic and healthy community engagement, impactful ministries, and poverty alleviation. This curriculum is divided into three phases:

  1. Head

    Understanding the power of loving our neighbors


  2. Heart

    Learning how to build Neighboring relationships

  3. Hands

    Practicing loving our neighbors

Our DNA is to: Collaborate | Connect | Champion


We bring other people to the table.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel – we partner with others who have created trusted, research-based and best practice approaches.


We don't do the work alone.

When people come to us we connect them to the best option, not only our option.


We celebrate and center others.

We work best behind the scenes. Our success comes from celebrating and centering others, not ourselves.

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