Loving our neighbors. Transforming communities.

CRN exists because Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

This command has the power to transform communities. When we build relationships rooted in mutuality, dignity, and proximity we see families flourishing. By loving our neighbors as ourselves, we don’t just alleviate poverty, we can eliminate poverty.

What is neighboring?

Neighboring is an invitation to consider a different way of community engagement:

  • It’s built on reconnecting us to one another by building unexpected friendships across dividing lines.
  • It allows us to join the work God is already doing in our community by equipping the whole church to live out the whole gospel to the whole city.
  • It recognizes that our need for one another surpasses the myth of self-sufficiency.
  • It creates a community where everyone is known, needed and valued.

Who is my Neighbor?

We see our neighbor as anyone with whom we come in contact – neighbors who live next-door, in our neighborhood, who we go to work and school with, who work in stores and restaurants we visit and neighbors throughout our communities.


Flourishing neighborhoods are created when everyone is actively engaged as a neighbor.

We are working with faith leaders and congregations in Central Florida to explore how Neighboring can be used to approach ministry programs differently to produce lasting impact. Neighboring produces outcomes that move the needle on social issues; it strengthens families long-term and positively supports the transformation of neighborhoods and communities.

How We Do Our Work

We envision a community where every neighborhood is flourishing because every family is thriving.

Families are at the core of the work we do. Each family has a unique story that adds to the fabric of the community. Each story needs to be shared and influence how we help others.

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Our vision has always been to create relationships that transform communities.

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