Church networks


We believe that by coming together, the Church can be a catalyst for community transformation in Central Florida

CRN is working to foster and support networks of church and ministry leaders across central Florida both within specific geographic areas and at a broader community-wide level around specific community needs. The goal of these networks is to provide space for prayer, collaborative action and specific learning for the purpose of creating new expressions of how we as the Church are loving and caring for our Central Florida neighbors.

Goals of church networks:


Bringing churches together for the purpose of crafting relational, impactful, community-building ministry models that address some of the core roadblocks to community and individual wellbeing. Then helping churches to apply these models in their local contexts all across Central Florida.


Providing interactive learning experiences to help church leaders, both community-wide and in local networks, grow in their understanding of biblical, reciprocal, community-building relationships and how to apply this approach in their specific ministry setting.


Opportunities to network and partner with other churches, leaders, and community organizations for the purpose of a unified approach and synergistic community impact.



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