About CRN

CRN exists because Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves

This command has the power to transform communities. When we build relationships rooted in mutuality, dignity, and proximity we see families flourishing. By loving our neighbors as ourselves, we don’t just alleviate poverty, we can eliminate poverty.

Our vision

We envision a community where every neighborhood is flourishing because every family has the appropriate resources and healthy relationships to thrive.

Thrive /THrīv/
verb: to grow strong and healthy; to progress; to prosper


Our mission

Our mission is to support, equip and connect congregations to transform our communities by loving our neighbors as ourselves.

CRN is a faith-based learning and development collective in Central Florida.

Our values

  • Authenticity

    We strive to live openly and honestly with curiosity and joy. We embrace genuine conversations, where we listen without judgment to build trust-based relationships.

  • Vulnerability

    We adopt a posture of humility, creating an environment ripe for true connection. We choose to take risks over comfort zones, speaking up with boldness and being open to new ideas. We take accountability for times we may not get it right -- knowing we do not have all the answers.

  • Integrity

    We consistently pursue excellence and transparency. We are accountable to consistently say what we do and do what we say.

  • Growth mindset

    We are obsessed with continuous learning; proactively listening, understanding, and incorporating innovative ideas, growth and positive change in ourselves and our work. We are not satisfied with good intentions – we operate from best practices.

  • Abundance lens

    We focus on the intrinsic strengths, gifts and passions in others. We honor and celebrate those gifts in our work and throughout the community. Collaboration and partnerships are at the core of our work. We need each other.

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