As the Holidays approach, we’d like to wish you all joy and blessings for the season!

Like many of you, the reality of the past 18 months forced changes in what we were able to do physically as an organization. However, it also provided us the valuable opportunity to step back, evaluate, and continue our ongoing research, learning and growth as an organization.

In 2020, we began to re-examine some of the really hard questions, including, “If so many of us as churches and non profits are giving so much time, energy, and resources, why are the numbers of people in crisis continuing to rise here in Central Florida – even before COVID?” Asking these tough questions through a different lens led us to seek a deeper understanding of how truly transformative work that moves the needle on our most pressing social issues happens (through authentic, mutual relationships and in collaboration that honors the value everyone brings to the table), as well as to identify where and how this work was being done by the Church that showed progress and promise in other parts of the country.

CRN has always believed that the Church is uniquely called and positioned to bring about the health and wellbeing of every member of our community when we work together. And this season of learning has given increased clarity to the shape of this collective work; that we are called to not only “love our neighbor as ourselves”, but also to follow the relational model of Jesus in doing this work. Therefore, as we move into the new year, this posture will be foundational for our collective work, aimed at bringing the church together in unity, as Jesus desired, to express his love – “so the world will know”.

The last year has seen new collaborative partnerships for CRN, in Central Florida, across the country and internationally. These strategic relationships with organizations that have led the way in transformative church collaboration in cities across the U.S. and across the world have given further shape to our role as a neutral convener here in Central Florida, bringing pastors and leaders together to learn, collaborate and take action for two specific purposes:

-to help the Church continue to grow in learning best-practices for how we care for our community

-to foster opportunities (within a proven model) for churches to come together in ‘unity of purpose’ networks to make real -impact on the wellbeing of our city and region’s residents

We are excited about what, in many ways, is the culmination of the four years so far of our work, the potential that 2022 holds for greater collaboration, and for the numerous ways in which God will move in Central Florida, through the Church, so that everyone in our community is thriving and experiencing the wholeness and wellbeing God desires.

We invite you to join us!



Dawn Haynes