Megan Ginn

Research and Development Manager

Megan Ginn is a life-long Central Floridian passionate about community development. During her graduate studies, she had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from key leaders across the state in the fields of law, anti-trafficking, poverty alleviation, and research. This included an internship with CRN during the forming years of the organization. After graduating with her Masters of Social Work in Social Leadership from Florida State University, she returned to CRN to continue collaborating with nonprofits and congregations to find innovative and impactful solutions to community development.

As the Neighboring Project Manager, Megan works alongside the leading thinkers in our region and country to identify effective and doable community impact strategies for congregations. Megan is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). In addition to her role at CRN, she leads the International Justice Mission Central Florida Volunteer team and is eager to share with anyone how we can end slavery in our lifetime.