By Dawn Haynes

What would our community look like if the kingdom of God really took shape here in Central Florida? This is the question that continues to drive us at CRN.



But here is what we know. No one church or organization can effect community transformation on its own. But together we can! Imagine the impact we could have if we knew each other and worked together.

The foundation for collective impact such as this is working “with” others, whether that’s our strategic partners, church and non-profit leaders, or those we seek to serve. It is the model Jesus lived and taught – that we would be united in the way we love and care for those around us.  

But this isn’t just theory. As we begin the new year, here is how we’re focusing on working “with” others to see lives change and our community transformed:

  1. Convening kingdom-minded/externally-focused church leaders and teams interested in social impact issues: starting with a conference-style kick-off early in the year (March) and then purpose-focused groups interested in addressing specific issues through  learning, sharing ideas and implementing solutions
  2. Connecting churches addressing social impact issues with each other, with subject matter experts,  non-profits etc to support creation and implementation of best practice solutions
  3. Curriculum offering a portfolio of new and revised learning opportunities in both the way we approach serving others and best practices for social impact ministries – all based on Christ’s teaching and ministry
  4. Collaborating with other organizations focused on the same social impact issue  multiplies and magnifies the impact by accelerating the contribution and outcomes of the individual participants to truly effect change
  5. Championing the work, outcomes and impact of our partners to celebrate and share the success of best-practice models broadly across our community


We hope you will join with us as we continue to move forward together – information on the kick-off Conference coming soon!!