Loving our neighbors. Changing lives. Transforming communities.

We envision a community where every neighborhood is flourishing because every family is thriving

Families are at the core of the work we do. Each family has a unique story that adds to the fabric of the community. Each story needs to be shared and influence how we help others.


Approximately 350,000 families in Central Florida have insufficient income to cover their basic living expenses

You meet these people every day; they are friends and neighbors; people working in your local grocery store; people serving you in restaurants, retail stores and your dry cleaners … the people who keep the infrastructure of our community operating!



CRN believes that God has called the church to be at the center of this work 

At CRN, we believe the intentional building of relationships is exactly what Jesus was teaching when he instructed “love your neighbor as yourself”.

We believe following Jesus' lead in this biblically-based, relationship-building work is the key to providing support to those who are struggling and bringing about the wellbeing that God desires for our world.



CRN supports churches

At CRN, we partner with churches to help them fulfill Jesus’ instruction to “love your neighbor” through creating healthy, transformative relationships both in their local neighborhoods and as they meet specific needs across the community.



Our Role

CRN supports churches by providing opportunities to explore/assess current efforts and by offering practical learning and active resources to help churches take their next step in fulfilling this call.





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Our vision has always been to create relationships that transform communities.

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