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Approximately 350,000 families in Central Florida have insufficient income to cover their basic living expenses

You meet these people every day; they are friends and neighbors; people working in your local grocery store; people serving you in restaurants, retail stores and your dry cleaners … the people who keep the infrastructure of our community operating!

We envision a community where every neighborhood is flourishing because every family is thriving

Families are at the core of the work we do. Each family has a unique story that adds to the fabric of the community. Each story needs to be shared and influence how we help others.


By reimagining Neighboring, we can transform communities

Neighboring is creating relationships with those who live near us where everyone is actively contributing and sharing their strengths.

This is a necessary component, not just for flourishing communities, but strong and thriving families.



Our neighborhoods impact:

Life expectancy

Our zip code is more important than our genetic code as a predictor of life expectancy.

Physical and mental health

Healthy relationships and safe neighborhoods play a major role in health outcomes.

Socioeconomic mobility

Neighborhoods directly impact the opportunity children have to advance socioeconomically from their parents’ position.


Knowing our neighbors' names, mutual trust and altruism are directly linked to increased safety.


CRN believes that congregations are uniquely aligned for good Neighboring

We work with faith leaders and congregations in Central Florida to explore how Neighboring can be used to approach ministry differently to produce lasting impact. Neighboring produces outcomes that move the needle on social issues; it strengthens families long-term and positively supports the transformation of neighborhoods and communities.



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